On the 23rd of July, the Selangor. Regional Powerhouse forum, organised by MBI Selangor, will be held at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur. As the event draws near, Y.A.B Tuan Amirudin Shari, the Menteri Besar of Selangor, keynote speaker, and key panellist, shares his thoughts about the conference and his vision for Selangor moving forward.

He expressed great enthusiasm for the forum, believing that it is the crucial first step to turn Selangor, and Malaysia, into the hub that will bring the rest of the world into the ASEAN region.

“The most important step is to future proof Malaysia. One of our goals is that, by 2025, we want Selangor to be the premier Smart State, not just in Malaysia but also within the ASEAN region. But what will we do after that? We can’t just sit on our laurels. It is vital that Selangor can sustain this achievement 50 years down the line,” says the Menteri Besar.
“The world is changing at an incredible rate. If we aren’t ready, we’ll be left behind. That is why it’s important to predict what obstacles lie ahead and effectively plan how to overcome them. And it all starts here, at the Selangor. Regional Powerhouse forum, where we have gathered great minds to discuss how to make Selangor excel in various key areas and how to maintain this greatness afterwards.”
“After this, we will go beyond Malaysia, to our neighbours, so that we can learn and collaborate together. Agriculture, logistics, transportation, technology; these are areas that Selangor is good at, but we have neighbours that are excellent in these industries. So, we want to understand how to be just as outstanding as they are.”

“Selangor is Malaysia. By learning from the best, we are future-proofing Malaysia. We are taking the lead to help bring the country forward.”

YAB Amirudin Shari will be giving a keynote speech at the Selangor. Regional Powerhouse conference. He will also be participating in the High-Level Plenary session, alongside industry leaders such as Mr Stuart Milne, CEO of HSBC Malaysia, Tan Sri Shahril Shamsuddin, President and Group CEO of Sapura Energy, Tan Sri Datuk G. Gnanalingam, Chairman of Westports Holdings Bhd, and Mr Rostin Javadi, COO of Zalora Group Malaysia, to discuss policies and the steps needed to prosper the economy together.

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